(Frequently asked questions)

Who can participate in FBLMUN?

Any high school student can apply to FBLMUN for available positions. 


My application to FBLMUN has been rejected, are there any reconsideration procedure to get a re-evaluation for my application?

Decision of the FBLMUN Secretariat on application results are final. There is no reconsideration procedure unless there is a technical mistake done by the Academic or Organization teams.


Are applications evaluated on first come, first served basis?

Yes, applications are evaluated on first come, first served basis meaning that first applications get evaluated first by the Secretariat. Therefore, there is a greater chance of acceptance if you apply as early as possible to FBLMUN.


Is there a special group discount for delegations?

No, our delegation fees per person are the same as the fees for the individual delegates.


What are the bank account details for the payment?

Our bank account details will be shared with you with an email when you get an acceptance from our FBLMUN Finance Team.



When is the last date for payments?

You are expected to make your payments within 5 business days from the moment you get an acceptance mail.


How many social events are there going to be in FBLMUN?

Social event and coffee breaks (dates and places) are going to be announced soon.

Do not forget to follow our Instagram page in order to follow up with the updates and announcements.


Am I allowed to get a refund if I decide not to participate?

Unfortunately, due to our financial rules, participants who have done their payments and decide not to come won’t be able to get a refund. But you can contact our Finance team anytime for guidance and help. Thank you for understanding.


What is dress code? What should I wear in FBLMUN Conference?

MUN is a formal event therefore there is a strict dress code that has to be followed by every delegate. Formal pants, skirts and dresses should be used with the shirts. Jeans and shorts are not appropriate or acceptable.

Shoes should be formal and appropriate for the event, sneakers and sandals are not acceptable. We would kindly ask you to wear black and white in FBLMUN.